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Steve Buttry and how I’m becoming friends with Twitter

March 24th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Tech Blog Posts

My Twitter Profile

I have to admit Steve Buttry has inspired me. It was something he said:

Feeling uncomfortable should be a red flag that you have to jump in

I admit Twitter makes me uncomfortable. Twitter makes me afraid. And after hearing Steve say those words I realized I had to jump in. So I have. I started my Twitter account early in the class because it was a requirement, however my first tweet was on March 22, the day Steve spoke to our class. Two days later I have 13 Tweets!

I’m not going in completely blind. I have looked at Mashable’s journalist’s guide to Twitter and also Mandy Jenkins’s guide. I’m also trying to establish a personal plan for Twitter: What are my goals? What do I hope to accomplish? How long will I give myself to become a Twitter maven?

 The plan is still a work in progress (and I will post about my progress here as I embark on my Twitter journey) but I think what matters for now is that I have jumped in. Now will anyone please follow me @r_tony?

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